High Purity Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 Powder CAS 12067-57-1, 99%

Titanium silica Ti5Si3 exhibits exceptional qualities. This titanium silicate Ti5Si3 is very versatile because of its low melting point (2403 K), low density (4.32g/cm3) as well low resistance (50 –120mO*cm), high hardness (968V) at high temperatures and high endurance. Purity: 99%. Particle size: 5-10um

About A Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 Muffer : Ti5Si3 It's stable at high temperatures, and it is very strong. The following is how you can sinter it: Heat the Si and Ti powder to between 1350 and 1450 degrees Celsius. At room temperature, heat preservation After this, you can mix the sintered materials with anhydrousethanol. Once the container has cooled to room temperature, it can be sealed using AR gas. Add AR gas to the container. Next, add AR gas to fill the container. Finally, feed sealed container into high-energy planet mill. This ball milling mixture could also be used to refine the wet mill. It could also be dried and ground in vacuum. Ti5Si3 powder To achieve this, the 130-mesh Sieve was employed.

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Performance of Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 product pulver:
Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3, otherwise known as Titanium Silicide, is a remarkable product. Ti5Si3, which is a titanium silicate, is exceptionally hardy. It has high melting points (22403K), low densities (3.3 g/cm3) good resistance (50 to 120mO*cm), toughness (968 V), great resistance against high-temperature oxygenation (HTO) and good heat resistance.

Technical Parameters for Titanium Silicide Powder Ti5Si3

Name of product MF Purity Dimensions of each particle Molecular weight Density The sky's color
Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 99% 5-10um 323.59 4.39 g/cm3 black

Chemical composition of Ti5Si3 powdered titanium silicicide
Ti5Si3 Ti Si P S Si Mg Fe
99% 73.6% 26.1% 0.012% 0.07% 0.006% 0.001% 0.12%

It's simple. A Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 Muffer Produced?
Many ways can you prepare Ti5Si3 For Ti5Si3, you have two options: powder sintering and casting. However, due to their complex technology and low yields, these processes can cause polluting.
1. The invention concerns a technique for making trisilicate Pentatitanium-intermetallic compound paste from a batch. Here are some steps.
Vacuum-sintering was used to create Ti5Si3. It is made from a mixture of Si powders with Ti powders at a ratio of 3:5.
2) Mix the Si powder with the T powder evenly in a vacuum-oven. Heat the oven for 1350-1450. The furnace should be cooled to room temperature.
(3) After the prepared sintered material was prepared, anhydrousethanol (water) were added. These were then placed into a sealed container. It was sealed and placed inside an AR gas-protected high energy planet mill. Then, the dry ballmill refined it.
Step 3: Next, vacuum dry the ball-milling slurry from step 3. This was used to grind the Ti5Si3 into a 130-mesh sieve.
2. This batch preparation process is for trisilicate-intermetallic powder. Claim 1 describes the batch-preparation method with this characteristic. In Step (2), the vacuum furnace must be less than 1.0x10-2Pa
3. This batch method can be used for the preparation of trisilicate Intermetallic Compounds Pulver. Claim 1 states that these characteristics are applicable: The temperature at 1350-1450 is 20/min. The temperature is held for between 3-5 hours.
4. In claim 1, it is stated that batch preparation methods of trisilicate-intermetallic compound powder are described. Step (3) measures the rotation speed for a planetary ballmill between 300-500 RPM. It can take up to 24 hours for ball grinding.
For the preparation pentatitanium trisilicate Penta Penta intermetallic compound Powders, this batch process is employed. This batch process follows the following molar relationships: Si powders and 3:5 are the raw materials. The mixture is heated at 1350-1450 degree Celsius and then cool it before being transferred to a vacuum container. AR gas is used as protection. The tank goes in the high-energy, planetary ballmill. Wet-mill refinement was used. At the time, a 130 mesh Ti5Si3 screen had been created. Many of the imperfections such as melt casting or powder pressing were removed by this process. These are difficult to remove, can pollute high levels and produce low yields. High purity, zero byproducts. This can be used to control the products’ stoichiometric proportion.

Applicaciones A Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 Muffer :
It is possible to use Ti5Si3 titan silicide extensively for manufacturing MOS, MOSFET, and DRAM gates. For source-drain interconnects Ohmic contact is used.
How to pack and ship Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 Puver
There are several options when it comes to packing, depending on how much Ti5Si3 silicide powder you have.
Packaging for Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 pulver You have the option of 100g, 500g, or 1kg vacuum packaging. 25kilograms/barrel are also available. As you require.
Shipping Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3 Powder You can send by air or water as soon as you receive the payment receipt.

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Titanium Silicide Properties

Additional Titles Pentatitanium trisilicide
Combination Formula Ti5Si3
Motility 323.59
Appearance Gray Black Powder
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.39 g/cm3
Solubility N/A
Exact 323.670515

Titanium Silicide Health & Safety Information

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Privacy statements N/A
Transport Information

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