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Study on Health Risk of Boron Powder


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Possible health risks of boron powder:

Skin irritation: Prolonged or high concentrations of boron exposure may cause skin irritation, redness, and ulcers.

Reproductive and developmental toxicity: In some animal studies, high boron exposure has been associated with reproductive problems and abnormal embryonic development. However, the relevance of these results in humans is unclear.

Other potential risks: Long-term or excessive boron exposure may also affect bone health, nervous system function, and the endocrine system.

It should be emphasized that the above risks are mainly associated with industrial grade or high concentrations of boron powder exposure. If food-grade boron powder meets national or regional food safety standards and regulations, its use is strictly controlled and generally considered safe.

To reduce the health risks of boron powder, the following measures are recommended:

Strictly control the amount of boron powder added to food to ensure it meets food safety standards.

Strengthen the quality control of food production and processing to prevent cross-contamination of boron powder.

For boron powder for industrial use, occupational health and safety management should be strengthened to ensure that staff take appropriate protective measures when handling boron powder.


Advantages of boron powder in food grade direction:

The application of boron powder in food grade is mainly as a food additive to increase the boron content in food. Boron is one of the essential trace elements of the human body, which helps promote the absorption and utilization of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals in the human body and maintains the health of bones and teeth. 

Regarding food grade, boron powder needs to meet national food safety standards to ensure its safety. Food-grade boron powder has high purity and low heavy metal content, which meets the national food safety standards. 

It should be noted that the use of food-grade boron powder should be reasonably controlled according to the type of food and human needs to avoid adverse consequences such as poisoning caused by excessive use. At the same time, it is also necessary to follow the relevant laws, regulations and standards to ensure that the application of food-grade boron powder meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene.

At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen scientific research and development work and constantly explore new uses and new applications of boron powder in food grade to make greater contributions to human health development.


Prospect Market of boron powder:

The application of boron powder in traditional fields will continue to maintain steady growth. Glass, ceramics, enamel and other industries are the traditional application areas of boron powder; with the continuous development of these industries, the demand for boron powder will gradually increase. Especially in the construction industry, with the improvement of people's requirements for building quality and environmental protection, the demand for lead-free, cadmium-free, and other environmentally friendly glass is growing, further promoting the application of boron powder in glass manufacturing.

The application of boron powder in new fields will be continuously explored and developed. With the continuous development of science and technology, boron powder is increasingly widely used in new fields. For example, boron powder can be used as battery cathode materials and fuel cell catalysts in the new energy field. For environmental protection, boron powder can be used to treat heavy metal ions and harmful substances; in the biological field, boron powder can be used for drug delivery and fluorescent labelling. Applying these new fields will bring new growth points to the boron powder market.

In addition, the application of food-grade boron powder will gradually get attention and development. Food-grade boron powder is a fine boric acid powder that meets food-grade safety standards and can be used as a food additive to increase the boron content in food. Since the lack of boron in the human body can cause health problems, using food-grade boron powder can effectively solve this problem. With the continuous improvement of people's attention to health, the application of food-grade boron powder will gradually be promoted and popularized.

From a global perspective, the boron powder market will maintain a stable growth trend. The global production of boron powder has reached a certain scale. However, with the increasing demand and the continuous expansion of new fields, the future global boron powder market still has a lot of room for development. Especially in the Asia-Pacific region, due to the rapid economic development and the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, the demand for boron powder is increasing, and it will become the main growth point of the global boron powder market.


Supplier of boron powder:

Synthetic Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. is an established global chemical material manufacturer and supplier with over 12 years of experience producing high-quality nanomaterials. These include boride powders, nitride particles, graphite particles, sulfide particles, 3D printing materials, etc. 

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