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The advent of interstellar concrete makes living on Mars more realistic


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Recently, a new material called "StarCrete" was launched at the University of Manchester

It's so versatile that it could even build houses on Mars. For humans, this scientific research result is of great significance. So far, humans have not been able to build infrastructure in space. The high cost and material selection issues have troubled the scientific research team for a long time. However, "Interstellar Concrete" offers a new solution. Considering that its products are primarily celestial spaces dust, potato starch and salts, and its stamina is twice that of regular concrete, the product is suitable for construction work in the harsh environment of celestial spaces.

Concrete early strength agent 

Average potato starch serves as a binder when blended with simulated Martian dust, producing a concrete-like product. After inspection, Star Concrete has a compressive strength of 72 megapascals (MPa), more than twice the 32 MPa of regular concrete. Star-shaped concrete made from moon dust was even stronger, going beyond 91 MPa. Twenty-five kilos of dried potatoes include adequate starch to create almost half a lot of "interstellar concrete," the matching of 213 bricks of product. For reference, it takes about 7,500 bricks to build a three-bedroom house. In addition, they also discovered a common salt - magnesium chloride. This can significantly increase the strength of "interstellar concrete." Magnesium chloride can be obtained from the surface of Mars or the tears of astronauts.

Now, this scientific research team is moving "interstellar concrete" into application scenarios. If used on Earth, "interstellar concrete" could provide a more environmentally friendly material. The manufacturing process of cement and concrete requires extremely high firing temperatures and energy, but "interstellar concrete" can be made in an ordinary oven or microwave, significantly reducing energy costs. The successful development of “Interstellar Concrete” has provided a good experimental case for the same research project. This makes people look forward to whether more similar" materials will appear" in the future.

Concrete early strength agent 

The strength of concrete on Earth

The stamina quality of concrete means the compressive toughness of concrete, and the cubic compressive stamina represents its typical worth. The toughness grade of concrete should be expressed by the symbol C and the basic worth of cubic compressive stamina (in N/mm ² or MPa). The toughness of concrete is divided right into C7.5, C10, C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, and so forth. Amongst them, C55 and above are called high-strength concrete.

The toughness of concrete depends on a selection of factors, including cement quality and water-cement ratio, aggregates, healing temperature level and moisture, etc. In order to boost the strength of concrete, additives such as early-strength cement and concrete reinforcing representatives can be made use of.

Concrete early strength agent 


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