Concrete Crack Reducing Admixture

Using the right admixtures (or synergistic mixtures) to prevent or reduce the effects of cracking will extend the service life of concrete and lead to better performance. Using the filters below, you can identify the type of crack and better understa…


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What is concrete waterproofing agent

Concrete waterproofing agent can significantly improve the impermeability and waterproofing of concrete, and the impermeability grade can reach P25 or higher. It is especially suitable for concrete for bungalow roof, large volume waterproof concrete,…


Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder CAS 1312-43-2

Item No.: TR-In2O3 Indium oxide is a new n-type transparent semiconductor functional material with a wide bandgap, small resistivity, and high catalytic activity, and has been widely used in the field of optoelectronics, gas sensors, and cat…


Introduction to the characteristics of tungsten carbide

What Is Tungsten Carbide? In general, tungsten carbide is a suitable metal to make light bulb filaments as well as glass to metal seals. It is important to understand the differences between strength malleability, as well as other properties prior s…

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