High Purity Cadmium Sulfide CdS Powder CAS 1306-23-6, 99.99%

CdS is easily dissolvable in water, alcohols and acids. Ammonia, which is insoluble cannot be easily dispersed because of its insoluble nature. Or, Customized: Size of 60mesh particles

Cadmium Sufide Cadmium Pulp Info: Cadmium Sulfide. Cadmium Sulphide. Cadmium Sulphide is also a name for both of these organic compounds. Cadmium sulfide formula CDS. Both crystallized forms and bcrystalline versions of CdS exist. CdS has both orange and yellow parts in its crystals. It dissolves easily in water. It is easily dissolved in acids. Cadmium Sulfide Yellow liquid. Cadmium Sulfide also crystallizes in Leucite (a rare mineral) and in Clinopyroxene. It is the most widely used cadmium-sulfide. This can be replaced by zinc in any ore having the same structure of Wurtzite and Sphalerite. You can easily get cadmium directly from this source. The bright yellow color of Cadmium yellow makes it use cadmium. Yellow paint also contains cadmium. Like zinc sulfide, cadmium sulfide has two crystal forms. Greenockite, which is both a stable combination of strong cubic zirconium and hexagonal forms, can be described as combining the two. You can find four common coordinates that both contain sulfur or cadmium. There are high-pressure versions that can be obtained with NaCl, salt and structure.
Cadmium Sulfide shows a 2.42eV Energy Gap. The bandgap for this semiconductor is very large. Bandgap for this semiconductor is huge. It is almost like visible lighting. It produces bright light.
They can both be piezoelectric. It is possible to use Pyroelectricity for hexagonal and triangular forms.
CdS offers solid-state lasers a fantastic choice.
You can combine layers of CdS with CdS to produce thin films which are compatible with certain solar cells. CdS also has the potential to create thin-film transistors.

CdSfilm is a possible way to make a piezoelectric movie. The device can work at frequencies of up to a GHz.

The bulk Cadmium Sulfide CdS order can be handled by our team.

Cadmium Sulfide CdS Powder CAS 1306-23-6
Cadmium sulfide Density 4.826 g/cm, solid.
Cadmium sulfide Melting point 1750 degC, 2023 K, 3182 degF (10 MPa)
Cadmium sulfide Boiling point: 980 degC, 1253 K, 1796 degF (subl.)
Makes water dissolvable with Cadmium-Sulfuride
Here is the Cadmium sulfuride solvent form
Cadmium sulfide Refractive index: 2.529
Cadmium sulfide Crystal form hexagonal, cubic phase
Cadmium sulfide Standard heat generation: -162 kJ/mol
Cadmium sulfide Standard molar entropy S298 65 J/mol*K
For the creation of a dangerous sulfide compounds, you can use high heat to melt Cadmium Sulfide

What does Cadmium sulfur and CdS Powder refer to?
You can make sulfuric acids from cadmium (II)-salts. It can be applied to qualitative as well quantitative inorganic and gravimetric analyses.

Industry uses Cadmiumsulfate derived from the ore. Set the pH to 3.5. Then precipitate sodium sulfuride.

CdS is capable of creating pigments. CdS precipitation is responsible for creating these. Final production CdSe must be obtained. It is possible to also corecipitate CdSe. CdSe has also the capability to produce Cadmium Seenide by calcination.

Uses Cadmium Sulfide Cadmium Sulfide S Pulver -
Cadmium Sulfide also goes by the name Cadmium Sulfide. This can also be used to color plastics and enamel.
You can color almost any kind of resin with nickel yellow. You can also make translucent resins to mix with plastics. Polyethylene's main constituent is zinc sulfuride. It's pale yellow. Zinc sulfuride, a chemical which can accelerate polyethylene's decay and transform it into green. The molding process can be shortened. You can mix copper with copper salt pigments to make cadmium sulfuride. Green copper sulfide can be used to describe the compound. Mixing blue and Cadmium colors can create green.
Its remarkable thermal stability and resistance against light, weather and heat make it ideal for the production of pigments.
You can also use cadmium sulfuride in different ways.
Thin film transistors
Solar cells
Electrochemical deposition
Sol-gel techniques
Screen printing

Cadmium Sulfide Cadmium Sulfide Sulfide Powder Storage:
CdS Powder can react with wet reaction. Cadmium Sulfide CdSpulver needs to be kept dry. Cadmium Sulfide CdSpulp must not be left to go stale. CdSpulp must not be stressed.

Transport and packing Cadmiumsulfide Cadmiumsulfide Spoulp
There are many options for packaging depending on Cadmium Sulfide powder (CdS).
Cadmium Sulfide CadS Packaging --Vacuum packaging 100g to 500g or onekg/bag 25,kg/barrel
Cadmium Sulfide powder shipping - Orders will ship by express mail after payment cleared.

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Cadmium Sulfide Properties

additional name cadmium sulphide, orange cadmium, cadmium orange,
CdS Powder, Cadmium Yellow
Simple Formula CdS
Motility 144.48
Appearance Powdered yellow orange
Melting Point 1750
Boiling Point 980
Density 4.82 g/cm3
Solubility N/A
Best 145.875429

Cadmium Sulfide Safety & Health Information

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes T
Risk Codes 45-22-48/23/25-53-62-63-68
Privacy statement 53-45-61
Transport Information UN 3077 9/PG3

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